Hi, I'm Heather.


I know this photo isn't perfect. It only shows half my face, and I'm a mess, but it's one of my favorite photos of myself because my son took it with my big girl camera when he was only three years old. We were on a mini vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama to celebrate my 30th birthday and we watched the sunrise over the beach from our hotel balcony while I drank coffee. But this photo is also a reminder that sometimes the imperfect things in life are even more beautiful.

Even though I fell in love with photography on the side of a mountain in Hawaii and have been completely addicted ever since, I didn't really understand why it matters so much until I had my son. Every cliché about how quickly children grow and how fast the time goes by is absolutely true. As my son sprints toward adulthood, I collect photographs of him like a doomsday preper storing canned goods because I know once he's grown and out in the world, I'll treasure them even more.

I wanted to start this blog because I want to be even more intentional about creating the life that I want to live and sharing my journey here gives me a creative outlet and also a teensy bit of accountability.

Like my five year old once said, “One hundred steps starts with one.”