Bright ideas

Bright ideas

I have a lot of bright ideas. Like moving from Biloxi, Mississippi to northern Colorado in two days after working nine days in a row and spending the one day in between loading a trailer full of things that were never properly packed. (I still say eff all those hangers that we threw in there Barrel-of-Monkeys style between all the empty spaces. They made it here I suppose and at least I didn’t have to purchase a slew of new hangers.)

Our four-year-old was almost saint-like during the trip considering both days were almost fourteen hours of driving and he couldn’t get comfortable enough for a nap until almost the end of day two when we were between Clayton and Raton, New Mexico. In fact, he had only one meltdown per day. Day one it was when we hit Dallas traffic and Dallas traffic makes ME have a meltdown, so that was perfectly understandable. And day two it was because he’d been wearing just-too-small underwear all day and after sitting in the car for 12 hours, it had dug into his side.

I already knew this from the dozens of other times I’ve made the trip between Dallas and Colorado in my life, but driving through West Texas makes you question your sanity. It lasts forever, there are shotty radio waves, and there is absolutely nothing to look at. But eventually you cross into New Mexico and eventually after that, you crest the top of a hill and see the tips of the snow-dusted Rocky Mountains and your sanity and excitement immediately return. Then you start accidentally driving too fast from the excitement and notice your husband waaayyyy back there not keeping up because he is pulling a trailer with all your worldly possessions in it. So, you try real real hard to stay at the speed limit (somewhat unsuccessfully).

Then you get a phone call from your husband after you turn onto I-25.

“I need gas,” he says with that tone that means you were supposed to have stopped in Raton even though it was never explicitly discussed.

“How was I supposed to know that, I still have more than half a tank. I’m not a mind reader Hunnnn.”

“I thought we were stopping in Raton.”

“We’ve never stopped in Raton, we always stop in Trinidad.”

“I’m not going to make it to Trinidad.”

“Well alright we can turn around and go back to that last gas station because I definitely don’t want you running out of gas in Raton Pass, that would not be good.”

So we turned around, went to this tiny gas station and started filling up. 

“You said we were going to reassess whether we were going to stop for the night when we got to Raton,” still annoyed.

“I assessed and decided we were going to keep going.”


Flinging my arms out dramatically, “I saw the mountains and they called to me and they said, ‘you can do it!’” (In the voice of that guy from The Waterboy staring Adam Sandler, which, I’m sure is a totally dated reference. I’m always behind the times, but I crack myself up.

He laughed and I was forgiven. He knows I’m crazy.

It was a rough journey and I’m still getting used to this altitude after living in the south for about a decade, but we made it and I’m so glad we’re here.


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Cheers to new adventures.

Cheers to new adventures.

The sky is bluer here.

The sky is bluer here.

Rocky Mountain National Park {My happy place}

Rocky Mountain National Park {My happy place}