Halfway Decent shrimp tacos

Halfway Decent shrimp tacos

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I actually click baited you with the word taco when in fact I made a burrito. But this is all about improvising with what you have to create something delicious, quick, somewhat healthy and also a little bit pretty. (Just look at it)

Halfway Decent shrimp taco


  • Tortilla (I used a whole grain burrito sized tortilla because that’s what I had in the pantry)

  • Popcorn shrimp (This is also what I happened to have, but these would be super good with shrimp sauteed in a little olive oil with fresh chopped garlic and a splash of lime juice *insert drool emoji here)

  • Multi colored tomatoes (or anything that would give a little color like bell peppers or fresh salsa)

  • Spring Mix (Again, this is what I had on hand but any green will do)

  • Feta cheese (Non negotiable. Just kidding. Do what you want, but I highly recommend feta in any taco situation)

  • *I didn’t have any avocado, but I totally would have added some if i did*


  1. Cook the shrimp.

  2. Throw everything in a tortilla.

  3. Stuff your face.


The moral of this story is to keep tortillas in the pantry because there are infinite things you can do with them and almost all of them are fast to make and delicious. Have some eggs and cheese? Boom — breakfast burrito. Have a bunch of random vegetables? Bam — vegi wrap. Leftover bits of meat? Shazam — tacos. You get the idea.

Halfway Decent meatballs

Halfway Decent meatballs

Halfway Decent berries and cream cups

Halfway Decent berries and cream cups