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My favorite photos

Over the years I've taken thousands and thousands of photos. So, this morning when I had the bright idea of doing a blog post about my favorites and the stories behind them, it took me hours to sift through them (It didn't help that I was searching for one in particular that I couldn't find anywhere and discovered I'd accidentally ruined by making a graphic out of it several years back. Insert crying emoji here.). These were incredibly difficult to narrow down and I have hundreds of other favorites, but here are ten that I will always cherish.

I know I’m crazy

I’m probably crazy. I quit my secure, well-paying job. I gave away half our things, packed up my family and moved to Colorado without any guarantees of employment or stability. I volunteered to keep my son home full-time until he starts kindergarten (only 125 more days) knowing that we both need engaging routines and also have a tendency to drive each other up the wall after exactly three days together.